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In my recent walks along Merri Creek and Yarra Bend Park I have seen three Swamp Wallabies.  Two were in the inaccessible western bank of Merri Creek in southern Reservoir, and one was in Yarra Bend upstream of the Studley Park Boathouse.

I find it very exciting to think that the two wallabies (definitely different individuals) I saw in close proximity in Reservoir are evidence that there is a breeding population there.  I am sure there is in Yarra Bend, and has been for some time.

30 years ago, when I started on Merri Creek restoration, I imagined that getting large ground mammals back along the Creek was fanciful.  Surely I thought, with cars and dogs and narrow links along the Creek at major road bridges there was no chance.  There you are, I was clearly wrong, as there is a reproducing population of Eastern Grey Kangaroos at Ngarri-djarrang, a grassland reserve along Merri Creek's tributary Central Creek, and now I believe there is a breeding population of Swamp Wallabies.  What is their future?