Snap Send Solve is a smartphone app, available on Google Play and the App Store that makes it very easy to report a whole range of issues relevant to open space users in Australia and New Zealand.  It claims to report to 'every Council in Australia and New Zealand and a growing list of alternative asset managers". 

Whilst it is very easy to make a report, you have to be aware that unless a management agency pays to receive full reports, they only get a summary.  The summary leaves out the photos you took for the report, it leaves out any text description, and your contact details.  In my area I have made the mistake of assuming Yarra Valley Water have received my water leakage reports adjacent to Merri Creek, and wondering why they hadn't got back to me.  Well, I found out they don't subscribe to Snap Send Solve, and so had no way to contact me. 

And I should have known this if I had properly read the email confirmation that Snap Send Solve, which says

"...Your report has been sent to Yarra Valley Water. ... Reports sent to Yarra Valley Water only include the Incident Type, Address and Geocode". 

Discussing this with a Yarra Valley Water staffer, they asked that I call up the fault reporting line to make sure the reports got into the system.  I did this and found that only 3 of the 4 reports were in the system, that one had been investigated but they didn't look in the right place, as the drain wasn't in the property Snap Send Solve identified but in the open space below the property.  The other two had been investigated, but they hadn't yet been able to find the source of the leak.

So if you use Snap Send Solve, read the email they send you, and not just the first sentence or two!

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