City of Darebin

Stories related to management by the northern Melbourne municipality City of Darebin, which occupies primarily the east bank of Merri Creek between Northcote and Reservoir.

Weedy Northcote Golf Course frontage
The weedy and rubbishy Northcote Golf Course frontage on 11 April before its cleanup

Resolved quickly

Thanks to the fantastic Snap Send Solve app on my phone, within a week of reporting the really untidy (weedy and rubbishy) frontage of the Northcote Golf Course to Normanby Avenue, it was cleaned up!  Well done City of Darebin for a quick response.

I sent the request on 11 April, and the work was done by the 19th.  I said in the message "The Northcote Golf Course nature strip is really messy with rubbish and weeds.  Anyone else would be expected to maintain their nature strip, but this doesn't look like it is ever cleaned up.  Especially ironic given the lovely 'Welcome to Darebin' art".