Yarra Valley Water

Stories related to management by Yarra Valley Water.  Yarra Valley Water is the largest of Melbourne's three water corporations providing water supply and sewerage services to over 1.7 million people and over 50,000 businesses in the northern and eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Yarra Valley Water's activities are overseen by an independent Board of Directors appointed by the State Government of Victoria.

You can contact Yarra Valley Water at https://www.yvw.com.au/ or by phone on 13 2762.


Water leak below Emma Street Fawkner
Water leak below Emma St Fawkner
Water leak at The Avenue, Coburg
Water leak at The Avenue, Coburg
Water leak below Marlbourough St Fawkner
Water leak below Marlborough St Fawkner
Water leak at Queens Parade, Fawkner
Water leak at Queens Pde, Fawkner

On my walk along Merri Creek today I observed and reported another 4 drains which to me looked like they were running with water from a burst water main. The water was clear, flowing profusely, not smelling like a sewer, but perhaps with a hint of chlorine. This is in addition to the one I reported in January which as of writing hasn't been fixed.

I suspect these leaks generally go under the radar because the water is flowing underground into a drain and then into Merri Creek, and so not causing local chaos. Leaks bubbling up in a road or someone's front yard are much more likely to be reported and promptly fixed.

Resolved eventually

Mains water on its way to Merri Creek
Mains water on its way to Merri Creek

How could it take over 3 months to fix a water leak into Merri Creek that is wasting around 5 million litres of water each month?  The system is broken that's how.

I reported this discharge to the EPA in mid January, who passed it onto Yarra Valley Water who found it was a leaking fire service (a tapping into the main to run sprinklers etc) and therefore was the property owner's responsibility to fix, even though the leak was under a main road.  Three and a half months after my report the leak was finally fixed.  17 million litres of water down the drain, which will be replaced by desalinated water.